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Drawing on years fostering innovation in the high-tech industry, most notably at Microsoft, John is a principal researcher at Savvysherpa building new businesses.

Ideas Are Everything (IAE) Moves to New Location!

The IAE blog (including all posts, comments, etc.) has moved to a new Web site: Please visit the new site and share it with your friends and associates. I have several new blog entries authored up and ready for … Continue reading

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Green Baloney Feasts: What It Takes For a Shot At the Top

One of the easiest and most common things to do is look at people who’ve “made it” and say, “I wish I had that kind of success.” The truth is that this expressed wish is very rarely sincere. The simple … Continue reading

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Leading By Letting Others Lead Themselves

We frequently hear messages about ‘must-haves’ and how we’ve ‘gotta have it.’ It seems we spend much of our lives aspiring to acquire. In so doing, we can easily fail to recognize what we shouldn’t own, especially the challenges and … Continue reading

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Citi’s Message Gets “Sticky” Using Stories

In this case, I’m talking about the Dan-and-Chip-Heath sense of “sticky” meaning an idea or message that endures—something that sticks with you. Citi recently launched a new marketing campaign, “Citi Stories,” that is undeniably sticky, and it stands out as … Continue reading

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We’ll Soon Say ‘Goodbye Best Buy’: Traditional Retailers Ignore Customer Service At Their Peril

I predict that within 10 years many large brick-and-mortar retail brands like Best Buy will disappear, and the main reason why is that most retailers all but ignore their best weapon when competing with purely online retailers: Customer service as … Continue reading

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Coke Zero, U2, and Randy Couture: Driving Successful Innovations

When I worked at Microsoft I found discussions about innovation to cause me the most reflection. As expected, in a large company with a well established product line there are all sorts of dilemmas and discussions about innovation. Opinions within … Continue reading

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Books and Articles Recently Read Feb 2011

Like most people it seems, I read a lot of books. I’m frequently asked what I just read. I thought it might be helpful to keep a running list of my latest reading (and RE-reading) including books, magazines, etc. I’m … Continue reading

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